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In the real world, cookies are delicious treats that make our tea time interesting. And it is no different in the virtual world either. In the internet terminology too, cookies are amazing treats (though not edible) which makes your time on the internet interesting by adding that personalised touch.

Some basic info on cookies

We know that you, as informed users, are aware of the term cookies and their functions. But to clear any remaining ambiguities, let us start with listing the basic facts

  • What are cookies?

    They are small text files that the websites, with your consent, store on your device. It helps the website to identify your likes, preferences and browsing habits on the website without disclosing your personal information.

  • Why are cookies used?

    Cookies are used for many different purposes including authentication (such as logging in), management of sessions, personalising the site settings etc.

Types of cookies

  • Sessions cookies – they help us remember your choice in the previous pages on our website, i.e. in the current session. This way, we can save you the trouble of re entering your choice (For example a category of vouchers you are currently browsing) and making your experience better and easier. These cookies expire once you close the browser. And again, they don’t store any of your personal information within them.
  • Persistent cookies – They are saved on your computer for a longer period and are not erased on closing the browser. It helps the websites to remember your choices for a longer period of time. For example a product added to your shopping cart in an online shopping site stays in your cart even after you log out of the session.
  • Flash cookies – these are Local Shared Objects (LSOs) used by Adobe Flash Player embedded within the website you browse. Adobe uses their own cookies which are not traceable through your browser settings. But you can still find them on the settings page of the Adobe website. More details about flash cookies can be found here.
Compliance with EU cookie law

In compliance with the new cookies law in the Europe (details of which can be found here), we are committed to informing you of the cookies we use in our website, the purpose they serve and information on how you can manage them.

Our use of cookies

We, like every other website, use cookies to make your experience with us a customized one. However we DO NOT use them to collect any personally identifiable information about you. Then why do we use it? Here is why…

  1. We use cookies to get aggregate user statistics that enable us to bring you more and more codes and vouchers that are in demand among the users who visit our pages.
  2. Cookies are used to help us customize the content for you and bring you the most relevant results based on the previous searches form the browser or IP you use.
  3. 3) Cookies in affiliate links (the links on our website that take you to a retailer’s websites through us) help our affiliates identify you as reaching them through us. Our affiliates often offer us a small commission which enables us to stay free for our users.

Below is a list of cookies we use in our website for these purposes

Cookie name Purpose Used by
__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz Used for finding aggregate statistics for the improvement of site design and audience specific content Google analytics
ASP.NET_SessionId This is an essential cookie that contains the user’s session id. The cookie is erased once you close the current window. It stores information about your session and the choices you make during the session but no personal information. ASP.NET
Opting out of cookies

It is entirely at your discretion whether or not to allow the cookies from (or any other website for that matter). More often than not, the browsers are automatically set to allow all cookies from every website. If you wish to make changes in the way your browser handles them, you will have to make changes to your browser settings. You can disable the cookies by following the instructions given below. We believe in empowering our users to make the right decision. We respect your concerns over cookies and your choice to allow or disallow them. But at the same time, we wish you to remain informed of why cookies are used and how they help you save your precious time and effort buy eliminating the need for reentering the same information. By disabling cookies, unfortunately, many of the features on our website that brings you a customized experience may fail to work. Cookies enable us to understand your preferences and not your sensitive information. (We will not, at any point of time, collect any personal information from you without your consent to the same.)

Still if you choose to disable the cookies, here is how you go about with it…

  • Check your browser help menu for instructions on handling cookies
  • You can set the cookies to be allowed, partially allowed, blocked or be prompted before acceptance.
  • The settings are usually found in the tools menu > options
  • Please refer to this page for more details on how you can manage your cookies for each browser
Managing flash cookies

Flash cookies or LSOs can be disabled from the Adobe’s website through the Global storage settings panel on the settings manager. When you disable these LSOs, adobe places a permanent cookie on your hard disk intimating the other websites that use the flash player not to store flash cookies. You could also choose to block flash cookies on a site-to-site basis by following the instructions given in this page.

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