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You can normally extend your home insurance to include your mobile as a possessions out of home extra. This can cost around £30 a year, which all sounds good so far. There are however a couple of things to consider. Firstly the excess – as with all policies there’s an excess to pay should you have to claim. Check your policy, as contents excess could be in the £100s, and yes, it’s less than the cost of replacing the handset, it’s quite a bit higher than the other sources. Our excess for most mobiles is only £40 for theft/damage. The dreaded renewal is another time to be concerned that you had to make a claim. Most insurers now give no claims bonus on your contents insurance, and even if yours does not, the claim will be taken into consideration when you next need a quote. Which means next time you look to renew your home insurance, it is sure to have gone up, which means you’ll be paying for the excess and for the inflation to your policy next time around.
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