Bucket list for Christmas - The real things of Christmas

This Christmas, let's be real!!

The real spirit of Christmas
We count "the spirit of Christmas" as the first and foremost of all things on the list. Ask us why? It is because being noble and being kind is the essence of the festival. If Jesus lived and died to serve the poor and the needy, don’t you think that is exactly what we should do on his memory day?
This Christmas, there are many things that you can do - for real. And you will be blessed for living up to the spirit of Christmas. We have listed some of them for you. Look around, there will be many more to find.

  • Donate old toys and clothes to a nearby orphanage
  • Volunteer at the Cheshire home near you
  • Visit a hospital for children and be their smile for a day - or even an hour!
  • Make sure that the Christmas Cards you buy are worth the money spent. In this context, would you like to check out the John Lewis 12 Days of Christmas Charity Cards at just £5??

Meet the real Santa
Santa Claus, over the ages, has become so synonymous with the festival of Christmas. Why not treat yourself (and your little ones) this time with a visit to the real Santa - at Lapland, Finland? That will be a dream come true... and surely a Christmas season well spent among the whitey white spreads of snow, reindeers, jingle bells and the good old jolly Santa himself! And yeah, we forgot to tell you - we have a treat that will take you to that dreamland at a nowhere-else-price. You can save up to £550 per family while you book your Santa visit to Lapland.

Christmas tree - a real one this time!
Yeah, we know! It is so much easier to get a readymade, store-bought artificial tree to add that Christmas charm. But this year, try revisiting the good old tradition. Of real trees, real décor and real fun! Set a campfire, dance around the tree... and you will see those good old days coming back to you... once again... through your very real Christmas tree of love!

So, this Christmas, how else are you going to celebrate it for real? Yeah, right! There are so many ways to do it. And to bring back the good old memories back alive. Light candles and not LEDs... cook your Christmas dinner, not order it outside... take time out, hold hands, pray and have your dinner as one big family... make your own fruit wines instead of buying it from the store... bake a cake or Christmas cookies... attend the midnight mass with friends and family... socialize and spend time together with people close to you... play with snow, make a snowman together and roll the snow ballsout. The options are many. All you need to do is to look around. So, what are your plans this season? Do let us know! Merry Christmas to one and all!