Hennaed! Beautiful far Eastern henna designs on almost anything!

Stay enchanted - these beautiful henna designs can do the magic!

Hey there! What do you think about getting hennaed? No, we don't mean tattooing this time (henna, in its traditional use, is applied on to the skin to create temporary tattoos.) Instead, we are talking about the designs that grew and flourished under the henna tradition. These designs, which evolved through the centuries, could be your escape route to the mystical land of the Far East.

The spirit of the East, you could say, reflects in its henna art. It is intricate, intense, bold and colorful. Embrace itfor a quick, stimulating change, feel the zest of the east in your lifestyle through the traditional henna motifs and fall in love with the beauty of henna designs - on anything that you could use in your daily life, well, almost! And you can literally feel the intricate designs of the Eastern henna heritage spiriting your lifeup.

You don't have to wear a complete henna design-ed set for that exotically striking get up. The Eastern elegance can be attained by pairing up your normal bolds or pastels with simple accessories that sport a henna design. Let the focus drift to the enchanting henna designs of your clutch or tote. Accessories like scarves, bandanas, mobile cases or watches too can be as powerful a medium to wear your mood as are the garments that you choose.

A special meal with a henna design theme is quite an interesting idea. Don't you think? Mugs, Plates, wine glasses, cutlery and table cloths - there is really a huge selection of them all on the different online stores if you love the transcendental world of henna designs. Top it up with a beautiful henna candle to bring about the mood and lo! You are all set for a henna themed dinner date!

Other things
You could also bring the exotic feel of the henna art home simply by adding a wall decal featuring a henna design. Or throw in a pillow or two, again with those intricate designs printed on them, to add that splash of color. There are many other ways - including vases, display plates, carpets, wall hangings etc. - on which you can find these henna designs. Henna designs are also available on stationery items like diaries, letterheads, pens and pen stands. Just look around and there is always something that you can bring in to define your mood on a lively day!

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Henna had long been a bridal tradition in the Eastern countries. It wouldn't be wrong to say that the elaborate art of henna designs flourished through the many tattoos that the women of the East used to adorn their beautiful palms and feet with on each that special occasion. Tiny strokes weaving elaborate designs, a new one each time, henna art is really something that can add that vigor to your day to day life. Try it, and you will love the change that it brings in!