Inexpensive gifts for a book lover

Leading edge brings you some thrifty gifting ideas for those dear ones who have an affair with the words!

Got a friend who is an avid reader? Looking for inexpensive gifts that can make him/her happy this Christmas season? You needn't spend a fortune to give them a beautiful surprise. The custom made, thoughtful gifts are sure to bring them smiles - and lots of them to go with the paper and prints that they are in love with!

The obvious option - a handmade bookmark!
A reader will need his/her bookmarks... the more of them, the merrier it gets. So making a personalized bookmark is a sure shot way to present them with something that they will love. And it is really simple and easy too! Cut a bookmark out from a fancy or recycled paper; add your favourite quote or a quotation from the book that you know the receiver loves... and that is all that you need to do!!Embellishments like ribbons or stickers can be added to make it more attractive. You can also choose to print a photo of yourself and the receiver to make it all the more special.

Recommend a list of books
Book lovers often tend to be obsessive readers too. Present them with a neat list of books from the year that has been - either from your own reading experience, or find recommendations from trusted review sites or book houses. If you are a bird of the same feather too, you could add a sentence or two about why and how you zeroed down on this list; and also why you thought your friend will like it.

A personalised poem or story
If you are bitten by the literary bug yourself, try creating something truly personal to you and your dear friend. Write a poem, a story or anythingfor that matter- Frame it, if you deem it fit, wrap it up and lo! That could be one of the best gifts you could ever give someone who is in love withwords.

Apart from these creative and literally inexpensive gifts, you could also choose to buy something that doesn't drill a hole in your pocket and at the same time be received with as much cheer.

  1. Help them mark not just the page, but the exact line that they were reading... with this efficiently designed bookmark. The pointing finger bookmark from eBay comes at a price of £2.95 for the set in seven colours!
  2. Have you known your loved one to be reading anywhere and everywhere - even late into the night or while travelling? Then this could be one of the most useful things you could ever gift to them. This flexible and portable clip on LED Reading light costs just £1.47 from Amazon.
    LED Reading Light

Thinking about gifts this Christmas season, make sure you think out of the box. Get something special, something customised to the receivers likes! Handmade of thrifty, it is the thought behind the gift that is going to matter... and that will make your gift all the more special. Have more ideas? Let us know through the contact us page.