Kiddies Weekends - Fun DIY activities to do with your kids on a weekend

Weekends can be a lot of fun with so much to do!

Does your house badly need a repainting? Or does the garden need a makeover? Takeup a DIY project - and this time, let the kids join you too!!

It could be loads of fun to engage in family DIY projects. Join hands with those little packages full of fresh ideas and give in to a few of their crazy concepts too. We bet you will be surprised at the result!

Cheer to the young gardener
Some children are born with a green thumb that you can start planting a patio garden which can be entirely theirs to own. Add in a few veggies and they will be delighted at the wonderful outcomes it will fetch in future. (And you stand to an advantage too, for your little one will be less of a picky eater knowing that it is his sweet results that is being served!) Though it is a weekend project to start working on their little garden, it is also an activity that instils a sense of responsibility to take care of it every new day... and not to mention their joy in reaping the fruits of their own hard work!

Repaint and decorate - the kiddie style
When it comes to painting projects, children seem to have very strange ideas on colour combinations and decor concepts. Before ruling them out as impractical solutions, give them a chance. If not all of the house, let them choose what they like for their room. Take up a weekend DIY project for the kids' room - playing with colours and textures, adding focus elements of the kids' choice and also create a writing-board or pin-up board. Make them part of the selection process, the buying of paints and paint supplies and the real job of painting. Their assistance could be of so much value that even you might not have expected it from your child.

Baking fun
Crazy for cakes? Why not bake one at home on a weekend taking help from the tiny bundles? Go grocery shopping with the kids and let them come out with their ideas on the flavours that they wish to create, the colours the type of cake etc. Yes, they might need some serious guidance and supervision while at the baking job. But still, you gonna love the experience - as much as the originally unique cake that would come out of the oven!

Crafty fingers
Take up some craft projects that your kids will love. Crafting is one activity that gives you a lot of flexibility based on your choice. There are projects that your kid can do alone without any supervision (just get them the craft supplies)... others in which you can join the fun too... yet others that creates products which you can use in your daily life... and many that can be used for decoration. Check out and you will find many projects that suit each one's tastes.

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