Pep up for Halloween

Get spooky, dress up and celebrate Halloween!

Zombies, witches, vampires, Draculas, wizards, skeletons and ghosts - it is a celebration of dark fantasies on Halloween! And hurry up; it is time to get your supplies already! You've just got a fortnight before the 31st of October - the Halloween!

The history of Halloween traces back to the Celtic New Year Festival of Samahain. It also marks the end of the harvest season, and the beginning of winter - a transition which is believed to be a bridge to the after world. It is, hence, believed that the Celtic people followed the custom of painting their faces or putting on masks, in order to ward off the evil spirits that may descend to the earth on this day. Today, it is more a day of celebration, sweet delights, parades and fun games.

We bring you some of the top UK stores and Halloween deals for your Halloween prop shopping to make your Halloween a merrier one this time.

The dress-up game
Dressing up for Halloween can be fun, for you will not be seeing yourself in that shade of black all that often. And these days, Halloween is synonymous to parties, trick or treat and parades. So look your cheeky best with the scariest costumes you can get your hands on.

DIY Halloween costumes from £4.99 at Angels fancy dress

It is quite a huge collection of Halloween costumes at the Angels Fancy Dress. Find the right costumes for men, women, kids or even pets at the Angels Fancy Dress Halloween store.

Halloween accessories from £1 at ASDA

If you are not much of an enthusiast but still want to be a part of the Halloween spirit, check out these accessories. They are cheap, eerie and worth every bit of it!

  1. For £1: Get ASDA White and black doll masks
    Perhaps a mask is all that you need for your basic Halloween costume. Try this out for a minimalistic fete. You bet, you can't beat this price!
  2. For £2 to £5: Get ASDA headbands, masks and more
    ASDA devil headbands and zombie stretch masks comes to you at a throw away £2, and you get many different masks, wigs eye masks and make up kits all under £5. The collection of Halloween accessories at ASDA is worth checking out!

The Irish folklore of the trickster, Jack - the farmer, is the framework to one of the most practiced customs of Halloween. The story has it that, Jack, who was denied entry to both heaven and hell after his death, was the first one ever to make a Jack-o-lantern using the coal piece thrown to him by the devil who felt pity for him. In memory, people carve scary faces on a pumpkin and create their own Jack-o-lantern by placing a candle inside it.

Pumpkin carving kit at a 75% discount from Jokers Masquerade

Get your complete pack to carve your pumpkin this Halloween. This carving kit from Jokers Masquerade contains a carving saw, a punch tool, and a scoop along with instructions and 5 interesting jack-o-lantern designs.

If you are that kind of a person who welcomes every culture as your own, this is your chance to celebrate.