Stress busters - two ten-minute everyday tricks that work!

Chill with these tried and tested stress control ideas!

It is a fast paced world, and stress is probably one thing that you cannot help getting yourself into. Oh yea! Stress is completely a normal thing, we agree! It is more of a nature’s way to help you cope with the pressures around you, slowing you down just a bit from time to time. But it rings an alarm when the stress levels go so high so that it starts affecting your day to day life. The good news is that it is manageable, most of the time! Address it on time, and you should be able to get back into your usual self pretty quick and easy. De-stress on a regular basis, and you will soon find what a better person you had become! Here are two time tested ways that you can consider in this regard, right at your home

Take a hot shower or tub
Water is one of the most soothing elements of nature. No wonder that it works like a charm when it comes to unwinding and reenergizing. Turn on the hot shower and spend a good ten minutes feeling the drops soaking you up. Or if you can afford some extra time, switch on the music and sink into the tub with some stress busting oils that would help you unwind. These bath oils will also make you feel pampered with their enticing aromas and calming effects.

De-Stress Bath Oil

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A warm herbal sip
A fresh sip of relaxing herbal tea could be as effective as any de-stress regime that you can think of. Make it a routine to take time out for yourself… and you can see what a positive change that it brings about! Try them out; and feel these herbal infusions work their magic on you! Try out the fragrant exquisite perfection of holy basil… or brew a cup of chamomile to wind your nervesdown. We are featuring just two of them for you here today. But we know each person is different. So, try out and find what works for you. And we are sure, the rewards will be sweeter than what you had imagined.

A warm herbal sip

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Dealing with daily stress may not be as tough as you might have thought it to be. Tiny steps towards equilibrium, and you could be much better off, even with your daily doses of stress from home, work or anywhere around. But yeah, you are the best person to judge yourself. If you think the pressures are getting on to you too much, then you should, without fail, get in touch with your doc at the earliest. A stitch in time saves not just nine, but much more than that! Be well, and be good!