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A fantastic new offering from Orange Business – Pocket Landline
With Pocket Landline you can choose a local landline number - your current one or a new one - which rings straight through to your mobile. That not only means you'll get more customers calling, but also that you'll not miss calls when you’re out and about.

A local landline number says so much to your customers. It tells them you're in their area; it’s reassuring and looks professional. But it's no good if you're not there to take their call.

Key Benefits:

  • generate more calls by offering your customers a landline number
  • A landline looks more professional – it’s local and reassuring – it says: ‘I work in your area.'
  • Answer more calls - you can take landline calls on your mobile when you’re out and about.
  • be fair - your customers only pay standard landline charges when they call you
  • make it yours - our simple web management tool lets you manage and customise how you're contacted
  • increase productivity - you spend more time with customers and less time tied to the office.
  • add numbers as you grow - make sure calls get answered fast and first time, depending on the nature and size of your business.

It's simple and straightforward to manage and customise your Pocket Landline service. Just log in to the customer website to see details of your current products and adjust your settings:

  • set your availability
  • change the ringing order of your mobile phones
  • manage your audio files including welcome and busy messages

You can also view useful statistics including:

  • where your callers are geographically located
  • when your busiest times are - by hour, weekday and month
  • call history including call duration and time to answer
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Valid till:31-12-2011

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