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How to apply for the plan

You must be permanently living in the UK. Unfortunately you can’t apply if you’re only living in the UK temporarily (for example if you're here on a temporary work or study visa), even if you're intending to apply for permanent residency. You must be aged 17 to 69 when your plan starts.

Quick product guide

  • No minimum amount of cover
  • You can choose from level or decreasing cover.
  • Cover from just £5 a month
  • Simple online application
  • Get a quick quote in minutes
  • Your premium is fixed when your plan starts and doesn’t change.
  • Maximum cover up to £500k (restricted to £300k if you're 56-65, or £200k if you're 66 to 69 when your plan starts).
  • Pays out if you die during the plan term
  • If you're diagnosed with a terminal illness during the plan term you can ask us to pay out your cover early.
  • If you need more cover, you can take out additional plans.

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